New! And, coming soon.

Now in stock:

Breyer Stablemates goodies, including horsie gift sets, truck/trailer set, and “Grooming Center & Cafe.” Share a carrot juice and apple-bran muffin with your equine pal. Tasty — neigh, delicious!

German-made Spielstabil toy rakes & shovels. These are made of super-sturdy plastic with suitably short handles (Thank you Spielstabil! For the short handles! Breakable objects belonging to parents of toddlers thank you, too!) and amazing two-year warranties.

… now on order, so be on the lookout for another “now in stock” post in a week or so:

Japanese pinhole camera & model airplane kits

Model trebuchet & catapult kits. The trebuchet fires balls of modeling clay up to 20 feet! And yes, we’ll just fire modeling clay. Cross our hearts! Riiiiiight.


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