Warren H. Drumheller Memorial Book Drive

We are pleased to announce that the first annual Warren H. Drumheller Memorial Book Drive will start tomorrow, October 15, and continue through December 31 of this year. With this book drive, we at Pufferbellies hope to help place many beautiful new books into public- and private-school libraries all across the area.

Warren Drumheller was the father of Pufferbellies owner Susan Blanton and the grandfather of Pufferbellies owner Erin Blanton. It was because of his generosity of heart and spirit that Pufferbellies came to be.

Here’s how the program works: You can purchase any book at Pufferbellies for donation to your school library and get 40% off its cover price. We will create a customized book plate (see example below), and collect the books here at the store until the end of the drive. Then, in January, we will deliver the books to the school librarians.

We hope this will provide an easy way for you to make a needed donation to the school of your choice, and to give great enjoyment to many children.

As always, thank you so much for shopping at Pufferbellies.

sample book plate


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