Pufferbellies reporting for duty

It’s Friday at Pufferbellies …. that means Storytime in the morning. Join us starting at 10:30am for songs, stories and a craft. Mystery theme today! Hooo can guess what it is?

Plus, our fall shopping hours are in effect. We’ll be open until 8pm this evening (and tomorrow until 8, too).

By the way, if you’ve been thinking of stopping in with your catalog coupon, this weekend would be a great time to do it. We’ve got nearly all of our catalog items in stock (a few stragglers are still on the way), and the earlier you shop the better your selection will be. Toy production in China has undergone some changes in recent months. Stricter adherence to regulations and more voluntary testing by manufacturers (yay!) are resulting in some shipping delays. So, while we hope to be able to keep stocked up well into December, it’s hard to foresee exactly what will happen. Don’t panic, but if there are particular items you have your eye on, don’t wait too long, either. Of course, the good news is that our catalog represents only a small percentage of the great toys we have in the store. If something runs out early, we feel confident that we can help you find the perfect replacement.

Have a fantastic Friday!



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