America Unchained –Shop local on Nov. 17

From AMIBA (American Independent Business Alliance):

“Sometimes seemingly small acts have an impact bigger than you ever imagined. Take family spending. You may think you’re just fulfilling your family’s wants or needs when you shop or dine out. Think again.

The choice of where you spend your money makes a big difference to your community. Spending your money with locally-owned independent businesses puts it to work directly helping your community’s economy — just one way your community benefits from its home town businesses. They use goods and services of other locally-owned independent businesses–re-circulating your money about 3.5 times longer locally than if you spend it at a chain*. This creates greater community health and prosperity.

Now imagine the impact on your community if everyone shopped locally-owned. You can stop imagining and help make it a reality.

On November 17, communities around the country will be urged to “unchain” for just that one day—to maximize the impact of their dollars and inject potentially millions more into the local economy through doing their shopping, dining out and other business only with locally-owned independent businesses.”

It’s an interesting challenge. Nick and I were talking about this last night, actually, and listing all the local places Pufferbellies spends money — our accountant, lawyer, logo designer, window washer, carpet cleaners, electricians, and bank are all local. And whenever we have a project, we do our best to buy from a local store, especially a downtown store: Aprons and restroom supplies from Byers Street Housewares, endless coffees from Blue Mountain Coffee, hardware needs from Young’s, fabric from Rachel’s Quilt Patch … it really turned out to be a long list. So when you shop with us, you’re supporting those folks, too. It’s neat to think that choosing to shop locally can directly affect the livelihoods of not only the particular stores you shop at, but dozens of other local businesses and businesspeople, too.


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