Happy Halloween!

At the end of October, it’s finally feeling like fall around here. We turned on the heat for the first time at the store yesterday. It felt so funny after months and months of hot weather. We’re also getting ready for a new window display — it’s time, at last, to take down all our beautiful dress-ups. We’ve really had fun with those! Of course, if you are a last-minute costume person, we do have many nice items still in stock to choose from. Mermaids, princesses, fire fighters, astronauts, dragons, kings, knights, chefs … all kinds of classic, well-made items that your kids will wear for years (not just one night).

New in stock this week:

– A wide selection of Breyer classic and traditional horses and accessories. Our customers have been asking us to expand our Breyer selection, and now we have.

– Spy gear galore from Wild Planet. Nick and I spent a good portion of yesterday chasing each other around the store with their awesome “lazer” tag game (not real lasers!), and we can vouch for how fun it is. Also, “night-vision” goggles, binoculars, spy light hands, walkie-talkies and more … all for under $20 each.

– A gorgeous tie-dye kit from Pamela Drake. It comes with instructions, accessories, a DVD, and enough dye to create up to 15 t-shirts. (You actually use cold water with this dye; no heating required.)

Oh, and if you’re looking for a fantastic book to read with the kids as the nights are getting longer and colder, I’d like to remind you about Jane Yolen’s classic Owl Moon (winner of the 1988 Caldecott Medal and available in a new 20th anniversary edition). It’s simple, magical, and perfect for getting into the spirit of winter. Enjoy!


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