Thanks! And, some thoughts on sales

First of all, let me say that we are so grateful for the opportunity to own this business. Susan & I love being toy store owners, and the fun we have is really due to our wonderful, faithful, funny, kind, understanding customers. We’re having a grand old time, and we’re so glad that we can continue to bring fun, high-quality toys to our community for another holiday season. So, thanks.

Now, about sales. In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, several people have asked us whether we’ll be having a sale on “Black Friday. ” The answer is no. How come? A couple reasons:

First, I think of the day after Thanksgiving as, in some ways, an opportunity for retailers to really show off what they do best, and win customers over for the holiday shopping season. What do big box stores do best? Cheap prices. What do the folks at small, independent stores do best? Personal service, high-quality & unusual products, immaculate knowledge of those products, and the ability to actually help customers — not just stand at the register with a Santa hat and a grouchy expression, taking money. So, on the day after Thanksgiving, we hope that what we call in the retail biz our “differentiators” will really shine, and that we can give our customers an A+ shopping experience and a fun, festive kick-off to the holiday season.

Second, we already had a sale this year! It was in August, on our birthday. Small businesses simply cannot afford to put products on sale all year — our margins are slender (partly due to things like our educator discount, Shop Sundays for a Cause and the many other donations we make to community organizations year-round, our holiday book drive, our free-to-you gift wrap [it’s not free to us!] and the parking tokens we give away on weekdays, which allow our customers to park for free Downtown — again, not free to us — plus the fact that we price our inventory as low as we possibly can already). (Whew, that was a long parenthetical.) Our August sale is a big one, and helps us to make way for all the new inventory we get in September & October — leading up to Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season.

With all that in mind, please know that we will be working hard to give you the merriest shopping experience we possibly can this season. We are so grateful for your business, and we truly love being part of this community.

Now, have a peaceful, turkeyful Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you Friday. 🙂



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