OK! We’ve just been so busy the last week or so, it’s been hard for me to find the time to update the blog. But ha! No more. I have a plan. Now I will update only in the dead of night, when there are no ringing phones, UPS deliveries, and crashing computer point-of-sale systems to distract me.

What’s new at Pufferbellies? Lots! We are still getting shipments of new, fun things, right on time for holiday shopping. I am especially excited about a new line of dolls we just picked up called Karito Kids. They are big (21″), gorgeous dolls that each come with an adventure book and a code that lets you log on to a special website. On that site, you can direct 3% of the price of the doll to a charitable organization serving kids around the world! Neat.

Even though toys are still rolling in, there are some things that we’re getting low on. Bruder trucks, Playmobil of all descriptions, dollhouses, tricycles, and pogo sticks have all been hot items over the last couple of weeks. If there’s something particular you want, please please come in soon. We’re doing our best to stay well stocked through December, but time is ticking away.

Also, we have news on Shop Sundays for a Cause, our charitable giving program focused on local organizations that serve families and children. We raised more than $300 for CASA for Children in November! Yahoo and yay for CASA! In December, our donation will go to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge. If you shop at Pufferbellies any Sunday in December, we’ll donate 10% of the amount you spend to that very worthy organization. AND — bonus! — we have been informed that a local TV station is sending their news crew this Sunday, December 2, to film a story about our Shop Sundays program and about Big Brothers, Big Sisters! So come on over on Sunday, get on TV, and help spread the word. Thanks for all your support.


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