A Silence Descends Upon Our Blog

Perhaps you’ve noticed it–no news from Erin in several days. You should know that all is well–in fact, all is very, very well indeed.

Erin and Erin Staebell, our new “Director of the Customer Experience,” are both in New York City exploring the delights of the International Toy Fair. Toy Fair covers the many acres of the Jacob Javits Center with incredible toys from manufacturers large and small. So the Erins are playing and testing out everything new, dining with sales reps, and meeting with fellow independent toy store owners. They will be ordering cool new stuff and re-ordering old favorites. Expect to see us diving into boxes and boxes of goodies on your next visits to Pufferbellies.

And speaking of diving into boxes of goodies–500 pounds of Playmobil are arriving tomorrow! Now that’s a LOT of Playmobil boxes, ’cause Playmobil isn’t actually very heavy. Oh, how we love it, and we know you do, too. Made in Germany, Playmobil is a classic that never grows old. It is beautifully made and made to last beautifully. This shipment of Playmobil really expands our inventory, so you’ll find all kinds of toys we’ve never had in stock.

The Erins will be back in Staunton Wednesday after four whirlwind-y days in NYC. Stop in to find out what’s new and arriving soon.



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