So busy!

Hi! So, Erin S. and I are home from New York (actually we got back a week ago, but who’s counting), and we had a supah-great time. We saw tons of toys (Erin S. tried to break everything she put her hands on, just to make sure it would stand up to the rigors of your five-year-old. Not really. Actually, kind of) and now we’re BACK with lots of ideas to make your toy shopping better and more fun. While we there there we had a great opportunity to meet with many other members of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) to find out what everyone thought looked good at the show, and we ordered some very cool new items.

In other news: We had a wonderful turn-out last Saturday for Part 1 of Picture Yourself at Pufferbellies — Lori shot photos of more than 75 gorgeous kids! Thanks so much. If you weren’t in on the fun, please stop by this Friday between 10am and 12noon for your shot at all the fame and glory Pufferbellies has to offer. If you have questions, please call us.

In other, other news: Erin S. and Susan spent a big part of this morning checking in a big order from Ravensburger — lots of puzzles and games and Siku die-cast cars, trucks and tractors. They also unpacked and set up a new rack of Scholastic Reader books — you’ve been asking for these, and here they are! The Reader series are beginning-reader paperbacks priced at $3.99, clearly marked as Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the reading level they’re appropriate for. So, they’re very easy to select and cover a nice wide range of subject material.


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