New Mini Erasers!!!

I can’t really express how excited I am about all the new Iwako mini erasers we got in today. I mean, I could try, but it would consist mostly of exclamation points and “luuuurve” and “OMG AWESOME,” so let’s skip to the pictures. [If you don’t know about Iwako mini erasers, scroll down!]

Veggie Erasers!

Hamster and Panda Erasers!

Duck and Frog Erasers!

Dessert Erasers!

Iwako erasers are super-cute, very collectible, teeny tiny erasers. They’re made in Japan and we sell ’em for 99 cents each. They do erase very well, but they’re so awesome that I personally can’t bear to erase with them — I just like to line them up by my computer and giggle. AND, check this out — they all come to pieces, like little puzzles, and lots of the pieces on similar styles are interchangeable. So, you could switch the colored parts on the hamsters, or the toppings on the cakes, or the stems on the veggies. If you’re looking for a non-candy Easter basket stuffer for a school-age kid, you just found it.


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