Guess Who? Storytime for Friday, Mar. 7

Our Storytime bunny, Bunzo, has some super books to share with his friends this Friday. Brand new is Emily Gravett’s Monkey and Me featuring a lovely refrain that kids and parents will enjoy chanting along with and very cool animal actions to imitate. It’s a winner with me for pure fun. The expressive illustrations beg you to look and look again. Second up for Storytime sharing will be David Bedford and Leonie Worthington’s lift-the-flap book, Who’s Laughing? Once again there are lots of opportunities for listeners to join in the fun, guessing which animals are laughing as they hide behind the book’s flaps. Charming and lively.

The songs and activities are longtime storytime faves, Going to the Zoo and The Elephant Goes Like This and That.

After Storytime, kids can make a spiral snake from a paper plate. Now that’s a handy trick everyone should know how to do!

We have Storytime every Friday at 10:30 a.m. for kids of all ages and their grown-ups.



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