Pufferbellies on the web

If you’re reading this, you know that we have a blog. But did you know that Pufferbellies is also on Facebook? If you’re a Facebook user, you can become a Pufferbellies fan, which is a really easy way to keep up with our happenings.

Plus … I am extraordinarily pleased to announce the rollout of our new brand new site, pufferbelliestoys.com! This new site is really the hub of our online-ness: you can read all about us, check out photo galleries, stay up to date with our event calendar (even zap our calendar into your existing Google calendar), and sign up for our email newsletter. (Now, I’m going to preempt your question and say that no, you can’t yet shop Pufferbellies online. We do get lots of requests for an online shopping site, and I feel confident that one day we’ll take that step. However, it’s a VERY BIG step, and we don’t want to do it until we can do it right. Until then, please know that we’re more than glad to ship anywhere in the US, so please do give us a call if there’s anything we may do to assist you when it comes to shopping from afar.)

That said, enjoy the new site, and let us know what you think!

Erin B.


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