Cheep cheep Storytime, Friday, March 14

Although I’m pretty afraid of roosters, I just can’t resist chickens. And eggs. And sweet little baby chicks.

My fondness for chickens must have started when I was four or five years old and my Granddaddy would take me across the creek on his farm to see the “peepies” in their little round brooder house. I would have a delicious moment of anticipation outside the door of the brooder house when I could hear faint cheeps, and then Granddaddy would open the door and in we’d go. Tiny fuzzy yellow chicks nearly covered the floor of the house, peeping like mad and dashing everywhere, hungry for breakfast. If I was very good Granddaddy would give me a peep to hold while he fed the chicks, changed their water, and stoked up the wood stove that heated the little house. If I could, I’d hop the rocks across that creek again tomorrow for the chance to see and hear all those peepies again.

The next best thing, though, is a storytime about chicks. It’s coming up Friday. Here’s a preview:

I’ll be choosing from three great books:

Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s “First the Egg” has fascinating die-cut pages and a deceptively simple storyline.

A longtime storytime favorite is “The Wolf’s Chicken Stew” by Keiko Kasza, wherein a gourmand wolf attempts to fatten up a hen for some chicken stew. The results are a great surprise.

Finally, Lauren Thompson, best known for her “Little Quack” series, offers up “Wee Little Chick.” Wee little chick is the smallest of them all, but she stands tallest, peeps loudest, and runs fastest of all the chicks. John Butler’s illustrations show us a pert and bright-eyed little chick.

Our craft will be a cute yellow chick, complete with wiggle eyes and handprint wings.

Storytime begins at 10:30 and is open to children of all ages accompanied by their grown-ups.



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