Hippity Hop! Storytime Friday, March 21

Seems like it’s all about bunnies this time of year. It’s pretty hard to resist those cuddly little guys, so this Friday we’ll give in to the urge to bunny hop, read some bunny books, and meet a new bunny friend.

I’m looking forward to sharing Franny Billingsley’s new and hilarious “Big Bad Bunny.” The hint for the day is that Big Bad is not really a bunny. Hope I’m not giving away too much plot here.

The Good Fairy returns with her own special interpretation of “Little Bunny Foo Foo,” facilitated by author/illustrator Paul Brett Johnson.

Of course Bunzo, our storytime rabbit, will be extra-excited and extra hoppy, especially when he gets to introduce his new friend, Fluffette, the Angora rabbit. (We think she’s French–ooh la la!)

We’re going to make some very beautiful bunny ears, too. You’ll definitely want a pair, so don’t miss this storytime.

Storytime is every Friday at 10:30am. Kids of all ages and their grownups of all ages are invited.


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