Wild and Woolly Storytime Friday, March 28

Since early last month I’ve loved watching the lambs frisking in the fields by the road on my way from home to Pufferbellies. Much like our own babies, those lambies grow up and get slow and serious all too quickly. I’m already missing their antics.

So, with sheep and seriosity on my mind (just kidding about the seriosity), here comes a wild and woolly storytime about sheep.

I’ll be reading one of my favorite storytime books, Mem Fox’s “Where Is the Green Sheep?” Even though the sheep in this book are no longer lambs, they frolic like crazy, and I love them. Great illustrations and good rhymes–this book lets kids predict what’s coming next, an important pre-reading skill.

Pufferbellies also just got a gorgeous new book written and illustrated by Anita Lobel, “Hello, Day.” There’s lots of opportunity for animal identification and noises here–just the right stuff for storytime. Get ready to crow! And try to imagine the sound a rabbit might make to greet the day. I am still working on this one.

I hope we’ll have time for rousing refrains of Old MacDonald, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Baa Baa Black Sheep.

I’ve been gathering up black construction paper, styrofoam cups, glue sticks, wiggle eyes and cotton balls for our craft. Can you guess what we’re making?

See you Friday morning at 10:30.




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