visiting One Two Kangaroo in Shepherdstown, WV

Kelley, aka Dad, aka Mr. Pufferbellies, and I decided yesterday morning that a day trip was in order. We left Susan and Dawn to hold down the fort at Pufferbellies, hopped in the Buick, and drove up I81 into West Virginia.

Shepherdstown is a great little town that’s steeped in history. But for our purposes yesterday, the best part about Shepherdstown is that it’s steeped in stores that are open on Sunday! It was fantastic. Every shop, cafe and restaurant we walked by (except the ice cream store, bummer) was OPEN. Every parking space on the street was full, and people were everywhere — shopping, drinking coffee, and just hanging out. We couldn’t help but compare it to a typical Sunday in downtown Staunton — walk down Beverley Street, and you’ll see a few open signs, but it’s mostly closed, closed, closed. Go Shepherdstown! Staunton, take note: It can be done. The people will come.

Shepherdstown: open for business on Sundays

The main purpose of our trip was to visit fellow ASTRA member Laura at her toy store, One Two Kangaroo. OTK, as I will call it, is located right on the main drag of downtown Shepherdstown, and it’s cute as a button. The store is in an old residential building (seriously old; it was built around 1790), and has 4 main rooms plus an entry hallway full of toys. We saw a lot of our own favorite toys there, and got tips from Laura on items that were new to us. Thanks Laura! Thanks, OTK! We’ll be back one day.

One Two Kangaroo toy store

I must admit to feeling extremely impressed (and perhaps slightly shamed) by the unbelievable neatness and organized-ness of One Two Kangaroo, and I am raring to get into Pufferbellies this morning and see what I can straighten up.

Hope to see you soon!

–Erin B.


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