Read, Listen and Wonder

I’m possibly a little over-excited to announce our new arrivals from my favorite children’s book publisher, Candlewick. Candlewick has taken some of the best titles from its “Read and Wonder” series of nature stories, printed them up in big high-quality paperback editions, and added great CDS. Kids and parents have always loved titles like Nicola Davies’ Big Blue Whale and One Tiny Turtle with their beautiful language, gorgeous illustrations and accurate information. I’m happy to report that the accompanying CDs are equally outstanding.
I spent some time earlier today listening to Alan Marriott, best known as the voice of Bob the Builder, reading Peter Hansard’s Field Full of Horses. And wowie-zowie–I really like it! The First track is a simple reading of the text with sound effects–I particularly liked hearing a horse cropping grass. The second track offers all kinds of facts about horses, and the third is a read-along version of the text with music to cue page turns.
There are six titles in this new series, and nearly all of them are multiple award-winners. I think they’re a super addition to our nonfiction book section, and they are great for any 3-7 year old person curious about the world. The CDs make these books as much fun to listen to as they are to look at. And. . . the price is an amazing $8.99. Deal.

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