Shopping for a Cause – March wrap-up and April info

In March, our Shop for a Cause donation went to Community Child Care. I’m pleased to announce that we raised over $265! Erin S. dropped off the check at CCC’s board meeting this week; I hope to post a picture soon. Thanks to everyone who shopped with us on Sundays in March and helped make that donation possible.

Sundays in April, you’ll be shopping to support Valley Children’s Center. From their website:

“The Valley Children’s Center is a non-profit agency designed to reduce the trauma and advance the recovery of abused and neglected children. The Center provides a comfortable, private, child-friendly setting where abused and neglected children can be interviewed by a trained Forensic Interviewer in partnership with Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services … The Center is based on a national Child Advocacy Center model that seeks to prevent trauma to the child caused by multiple, duplicative interviews and holds more offenders accountable through the improved prosecution of child abuse cases due to a multidisciplinary approach.”

We at Pufferbellies are really proud to be able to support local organizations like Community Child Care and the Valley Children’s Center. The people at these organizations are working hard to care for the children in our community, and we thank them for their efforts.

— Erin B.


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