What I’ve Been Reading: Lamplighter

I report that I am now deep into Monster Blood Tattoo Book 2, Lamplighter, by D.M. Cornish. I’m so glad it was released at last this month and that I have it to linger over when I should be on my way to Pufferbellies. Hah! It’s a nice big thick juicy book, which gives me great joy–I just hate it when a book I love ends too fast.

The Monster Blood Tattoo books follow the fortunes of the orphan Rossamund Bookchild as he leaves the orphanage where he’s spent his first years to become a Lamplighter for the Emperor.

Now what do I love about these books?

  • The characters: Even the vilest inhabitant of these books is not entirely bad, and the best is not entirely good. Cornish’s Half Continent is inhabited by all manner of creatures–including humans with extraordinary skills and all manner of monsters.
  • The writing: It is a pure pleasure. Cornish creates and defines all manner of new words and gives his characters fascinating names: Europe, Sebastipole, Assimus, Bellicos, Poundinch, Threnody.
  • The world: Cornish’s Half Continent is filled with wonders and dangers, humans and monsters, friendships and frights.
  • The drawings: You have to pick up these books, if only to enjoy the elegant and detailed character drawings by the author himself.

These books are probably not for a person who wants a quick read, but for fans of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, these may be the ticket to an ultra-satisfying reading experience.



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