The Big Pufferbellies Facelift is seriously underway!

HOORAY! We are rocking and rolling with The Big Pufferbellies Facelift of 2008. Today with kind help from Erin S, Gregg S, and Christopher S (and plenty of advice from passersby), we ripped off the fake-brick-and-plywood facade that had been covering our storefront’s transom windows since the 1950s or so. We also ripped off the big signboard that was covering the location of the original cornice situated above the windows. It was a veritable rain of rotten plywood, tar paper, mouse poop, and live bats (for real! I am so not even kidding.). I plan to post pictures and a video tomorrow, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please know that although we are awning-less and things are looking slightly rough out front, we are open for business as usual all through this project. Please stop by and take a look. While you’re here, you can enter to win that $100 Pufferbellies gift certificate that has been generously donated by our painter, Lisa Coles of Augusta Steam-It.

Thanks, and we’ll see you soon.

–Erin B.


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