New in stock this week

Just in:

All the new Schleich Elves. They are so super-duper cool; I can’t stop looking at them. There’s one riding a wolf. How wicked is that?

A new SUPER pogo stick from the experts at S.B.I. This one holds up to 250 pounds.

The Fun Ride SUPER-Z zip line from Spring Swings. Again, holds up to 250 pounds.

The awesomest printed packing tape ever, from Accoutrements. We’ve got sushi, black cats, and Rosie the Riveter. Who needs wrapping paper when you can just tape up the box with this stuff? It’s wild.

More from Accoutrements, too — pirate lunchboxes and messenger bags, eyepatches, and even pirate tattoos.


One response to “New in stock this week

  1. OK, so Erins you know who this is, but… I have had “The Beating Heat” for 2 days now and it has not left my side! I had open heart surgery about a month ago, yes all is doing well, but of course as many know your chest bone is split during open surgery. Well this hurts, mainly when you cough, sneeze, laugh, hicup, situp, etc. Now I have other small pillows that I bought or was given to support the chest bone during such actions, but “The beating heart” is by far the best! It is small, yet is big enough fpr the job. The vibration feels great when I am particully in pain not to mention the mental destressing it is advertized for. Best of all the fibers inside do not squish aside like in most pillows. It is sturdy enough to do the trick, and soft enough my 1 and 2 year old love it! I love it so much I think I will return to buy another for a man that was transplanted just before me. I thought the price was a little steep, but now I would pay double for it, don’t get any ideas PB crew! I would recomend this to anyone who is a recent “zipper” club member! Oh, plus it is very cute!

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