Toy shopping in Sweden!

Hi! I am here outside the city of Goteborg, staying with my sister and her boyfriend. We’ve already started on the independent-toy-store tour of Sweden with a trip to the small city of Boras this afternoon. We visited a cool little shop called Kurragomma, which means “Hide and Seek” in Swedish.

I forgot to take my camera with us to Boras, so I didn’t get any pictures of the store (boo!), but it was extremely cute. Kurragomma carries many of the same lines we do, like Plan Toys, HABA, Papo, Schleich, Kathe Kruse, Enchantmints, and even some Melissa & Doug. They also have a lot of European lines that I had either never heard of, or had never seen in person. It’s a fairly small store, but really full of fun merchandise. The shop attendant was super-nice, and told me that the owner of the store was a former teacher who really tried hard to fill the shop with high-quality toys that encourage imaginative play. Hmm, sounds familiar!

I bought this little balancing butterfly — it’s made of paper, and has magnets on the tip of each wing that serve as weights, letting it balance on a teeny little point. I also got a packet of bubble mix; you just add it to a liter of warm water. There’s a company in the US that also makes a similar product; I hear that if you add it to pre-made bubble juice, it makes a sort of super-powerful bionic bubble juice. We’ll have to try it and see.

I do miss Pufferbellies loads, but I see from Erin S.’s impressive lasso video that everyone is managing to have fun without me.

— Erin B.


2 responses to “Toy shopping in Sweden!

  1. There is a Danish toy store on a main shopping street in Goteborg, Sweden. It’s logo is kind of garish, but it has some really good toys. Did you come across it in your travels? Do you remember its name?


  2. Any suggestions for an online toystore where I can order from the UK and have it delivered to southern Sweden in time for Xmas?

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