Toy shopping in Sweden, again!

Today Robin and I took the bus to Gothenburg, which is about 35 minutes away from her house. We shopped and snacked and had “vacation drinks” and iced coffees all around. It was a great day, and one of the greatest parts was visiting a wonderful toy store called Krabat. Outside, the tone is set for fun with a bright display of sand and water toys. Most of the toys on the outdoor display are made by Gowi, which is an Austrian brand you’ll often find at Pufferbellies.

Krabat isn’t quite as big as Pufferbellies, but it has so many wonderful things to see, and it’s laid out beautifully. Every time you turn around, you see something different and adorable. I love how they display their Papo animals with a little barn all set up where the critters can play. (It’s so much fun to look around a store that’s halfway across the world from Pufferbellies, and see so many of the same items we sell. In the shot above, you can see Safari Toobs in addition to the Papo animals and barn.)

A neat little display showcases board books face out, so you can see all the cute titles and cover art. Notice one of the “Benny” books by Barbro Lindgren — we carry these books as well, and they’re hilarious and wonderful, even in the English translations.

Here’s a view of some of Krabat’s novelty and “just for fun items.” Look up on the top right shelf for some very cool English-made wooden sailboats — I’m definitely going to try to track these down for Pufferbellies.

And look! Krabat even has their own big horse for kids to ride! I’m calling her the “Swedish Sandy,” after our own ride-on horsey. Which reminds me — I hope you are all visiting Sandy and giving her lots of rides this week. I don’t want her to be lonely without me.

One last note — we stopped into a very fabulous kitchenware and design store on the way back to the bus station, and guess what? That store wraps their gifts with one of the very same wrapping papers we have at Pufferbellies! Now you know that when you get a gift wrapped at Pufferbellies, it’s extra-extra-special — it’s in the same paper you’ll find in fancy stores in Europe. Hooray!

–Erin B.


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