Breaking Dawn

Here at last, Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, fourth in the Twilight series. A veritable feast for followers of Bella and Edward. The book was released this morning at 12:01, but the release was not without its own nail-biting drama.

At the height of our Birthday Sale madness yesterday, a representative from our book wholesaler phoned with the dreadful news that the tractor trailer truck carrying all those much-awaited books from the warehouse to . . . wherever. . . had BROKEN DOWN!! Aaargh.

I was feeling pretty bad when our order didn’t arrive yesterday, since quite a few readers had reserved copies and were planning to pick them up this morning. But at 10:15, I spotted a rogue UPS truck circling the block. Erin S. ran outside and was back in a flash with our books!

They’re here, they’re here. Get ’em while they’re hot.



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