Birthday Baskets

It’s birthday season! August and September seem to have a higher concentration of birthdays than most other months. I could speculate on the possible causes, or just get to the point and tell you all about our Birthday Basket program.

Here’s how it works, kiddos:

A couple of weeks before your birthday, you can come to Pufferbellies, pick items that you’ve been wishing for, and put them in your very own Birthday Basket. We’ll put your name on the Basket, and up on our special Birthday whiteboard. When your friends and family come to Pufferbellies to shop for you, it’ll be simple for them to find the items you’ve been dreaming of. They just choose from the Basket!

The benefits are many:

You get the fun of actually picking up the toys and books you like, and putting them in your very own special basket.

Your parents get the chance to “edit” your choices, and to helpfully steer you towards things they think are appropriate.

It’s super fast and simple for your friends and family to pick gifts from the Basket. No more guesswork! They know you’ll love it! And of course, we’ll wrap their choices for free.

So what are you waiting for? Get in here and make your Birthday Basket! What’s that? It’s 10:30 at night and you’re supposed to be in bed? Well, OK — but make sure you come in tomorrow.

–Erin B.


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