Just Arrived–Two Books I Can’t Wait to Read

Wait till you see Jim Arnosky’s new offering, Wild Tracks! (exclamation point belongs to Jim). Jim Arnosky is a master at explaining the intricacies of nature to children, and his books are always beautiful and useful. But this new one totally rocks. Think beautiful and accurate drawings of animals, accompanied by life-size footprints. Compare the size the footprints of a deer and a moose, for example, or those of a house cat and a wild cat. You will love reading this book and then heading out to the woods to look for animal tracks. Just terrific for ages 5 through adult.

Our old friend from darkest Peru, Paddington the Bear, is back in Michael Bond’s first new Paddington book in thirty years, Paddington Here and Now. I, for one, can’t wait to reacquaint myself with the little guy. In the first two pages of the first chapter, Paddington loses his shopping cart full of goodies. Now, that’s a crisis that will require all of the little bear’s resourcefulness to resolve, and I can tell I’ll be staying up late to finish this one.



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