Check your (snail) mailbox!

We are happy to report that our new holiday catalog has been mailed, and should be arriving in your mailbox by the 14th of this month — that is, if you haven’t gotten it already.

(What, you’re not on our mailing list? S’OK! We can fix it — email us your info at pufferbellies [@] gmail [dot] com and we’ll add you to the list for the next catalog. And, we do have just a few extra copies of this edition on hand at the store, so if you don’t get one and you really really need one, just stop in and ask.)

We have nearly all of the catalog items in stock and ready to go, including some great, new-to-Pufferbellies games like Flapdoodle, Spy Alley, and MiQube. Stop by and check ’em out — we’ve got demos available for you to try.

And don’t forget STORYTIME tomorrow. It’ll be the best one yet, so don’t you dare miss it. See you at 10:30!

–Erin B.


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