Build-A-Road, now at Pufferbellies!

We just got a new shipment from iPlay, and it included a great vehicle-slash-construction toy called Build-A-Road. The system comes with 15 feet of totally flexible, interchangeable track, which you can put together in any configuration you choose. You also get a bridge, some ramps, a couple little hills, and some “switch track” to add to the fun. Five-year-old Pufferbellies fan Christopher stopped by to help us test it out this afternoon. The verdict? WE LOVE IT. It’s easy to put together, and I was thrilled to hear Christopher talk about adding other toys that he already has, like Legos and Wedgits, to “make a whole city!” Build-A-Road is in stock at Pufferbellies for $29.99, and I would recommend it most for ages 4 to 6. Check out the video to see it in action!

–Erin B.

UPDATE: We now only have three sets of Build-A-Road left in stock! Whoooosh! It really is lots of fun; come play with our demo set.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: We are now sold out (sniff) of Build-A-Road. However, there are more on order and we’re expecting them next week! So, don’t worry.


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