2008 Book Drive update

We are halfway through our 2008 Warren H. Drumheller Memorial Book Drive, and we are closing in on 70 books donated to area school libraries! Hooray! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

For those not familiar with our annual Book Drive, here’s how it works. We invite school librarians to submit wish lists of books they’d like to have for their collections. Then, our customers can purchase books for their schools at a 40% discount. We create a personalized book plate for each donated book, and collect the books here at the store until the end of the Drive (December 24th). This year, in January, we’ll be holding a special party here at the store where we’ll present each librarian with the books donated for his or her school. All the book donors will be invited to the party!

School libraries are facing increased budget cuts this year, and librarians are having a difficult time affording the books they need. We hope you’ll find this a convenient and affordable way to help.

For more on our Book Drive, and to find the wish list for your school, please visit our special Book Drive blog.


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