Game Night is Friday, May 1st

Guess what? It’s almost time for Game Night!

Next Friday, May 1st, please join us from 6pm – 8pm to learn two of our favorite games from the award-winning Blue Orange Games.

Double Shutter is a fast-paced game that calls for lots of luck and a little strategy as you roll to shut two rows of tiles numbered 1-9.  Any tiles left standing are added up to equal your score for the round. Play by yourself or with a crowd.

YamSlam is BRAND NEW and takes the fun of Yahtzee and Poker and puts them in one fun shaped box. Roll the dice and try to collect the most points possible before all of the chips are gone. Make pairs, three of a kind, straights, full houses and flushes or go for a YamSlam with all dice showing the same number.

Bring your family and friends for this fun-packed night of games, snacks and prizes. We’ll be giving away one of our featured games to a lucky winner, as well as gift certificates to everybody’s favorite gelato shop, The Split Banana. Plus, you’ll get 10% off the featured games if you purchase them during the event!


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