June 5th – Game Night!

Do you have 12 minutes? Then you have time for a great game!

Join us Friday, June 5 from 6-8 pm for Game Night at Pufferbellies! We will be featuring a selection of 12 minute games from Gamewright Games. Some of our favorites include:

Go Nuts! – Try to collect as many acorns as possible before the cars or the dog get you!  Fast and furious fun for all.
Say Cheese! – Roll the dice to match the characters in the photo booth.  Collect the most cards to win!
Thing-a-ma-bots – Name it to claim it!  Create a name for the robot, the only catch is you have to remember the name when the robot appears again.

Plus several more…These games are great for the beach…a rainy day…or any time! All games come in a box the size of a deck of cards and play in 12 minutes. Priced to travel at just $6.99!  Most of the games are geared for 6 and up and games for younger game players will be available!  make it a family game night and register to win Split Banana Gift Certificates or one of the games featured!

Go Nuts! - Can you avoid the cars and dog?

Go Nuts! - Can you avoid the cars and dog to score the most points?

Photo from http://www.theplayground.co.nz.


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