Uh-oh. Today we received a letter from the City. Our outdoor easel is a no-go according to Title 18.140 of the Zoning Code of Staunton. Luckily, though, it was just a “violaiton.”


easel thumbs down


13 responses to “Busted!

  1. Kimberly Dritto

    I own Mommy & Me Childrens Consignment and I got the same letter about 3 weeks ago about my small tiny sign and banner on the side of my building..What about the small businesses around Staunton, Why are they making it so hard for us.

    • pufferbelliestoys

      It’s a little tricky, I think … I can understand that the City prefers not to have the sidewalks cluttered. We all want people to be able to walk comfortably on our sidewalks, and we want easy passage for wheelchairs and strollers.

      On the other hand, I think judicious use of signboards can really liven up the look of a pedestrian-focused downtown like ours. Perhaps the trouble comes in trying to differentiate between signs that aren’t a hazard or inconvenience to pedestrians and those that are — it’s easier to just have a blanket rule, maybe. Or maybe it’s just an outdated law that needs a little attention. 😉

      -Erin B

  2. Oh come on! City of Staunton needs to change the rules if this kind of thing is a violation.

  3. Criminails! You shold no beter than that!

  4. Does that truly mean that someone complained?? Wacky.

  5. Love the picture with the thumbs-down. How fun!

    I think that small signs that don’t impede traffic should be allowed. The businesses need to advertise on the street since Staunton wants to make the place “pedestrian shopper friendly” and small easel signs don’t seem like an issue. If they would just create a rule and say “this sign of this size is allowable” that would be a good thing for everyone.

  6. What’s with this town? We have more restrictions making it difficult for businesses to thrive than I can believe. Should it not stand to reason that the success of businesses in Staunton eventually affects those lawmakers creating all of these minute regulations?

    And on a technicality, it should be noted that the sign you have sits immediately beside [and ‘flush’] with a p.o. box, which makes that portion of the sidewalk impassable by virtue of its permanence anyway…

  7. Ummmm…is ‘violation’ incorrectly spelled on this notice?? Come on Staunton! Gee whiz, leave downtown businesses who are trying to sustain downtown, and who post reasonable signs in reasonable locations, alone! And use spell chack!!

  8. LOL @ VIOLAITION spelling! They want to inforse somethin thay kant even spiel! LOLOLOL!

  9. and we wonder why so many downtown storefronts are vacant – really – can’t we be more supportive? And laugh a little???? I think the zoning board needs a trip to Pufferbellies for game night or story time. Liven things up a little and get them to relax!

  10. The urgency of immediately being in bold print cracks me up, too. As if the sandwich board (if you can call it that) is imminently going to attack a passerby.

  11. Keep in mind Staunton is the same town that throws people in jail for selling sex toys, and being under the influence of alcohol while walking home from the bar.

  12. One more silly rule. First the refuse regulations and now this. What’s next? Plus, when was the last time you saw city council members making a habit of touring downtown merchants? With the amount of license fees and taxes, maybe they should make a point of stopping in for a chat. Matter of fact, I can only recall one city councilman ever coming in our store. That and the “sudden departure” of our former Tourism Director leads me to think that the merchants are not that important to Staunton.

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