Crafternoon today!

Every Wednesday at Pufferbellies we host Crafternoon. You can drop in any time between 2PM and 5PM to make an art project and enjoy a cookie with your friends. Today at Crafternoon we’re making one of our favorite projects: squeezy puffy paintings!


2 responses to “Crafternoon today!

  1. Hi, Pufferbellies!!!! Thank you for using my books to make art at your store. I found a wonderful clip of sandpaper coloring and then printing on “PAPER TOWELS”, which turned out so great! From the book, Art with Anything, by MaryAnn Kohl. My newest book. Thank you again for bringing art to children.

    Your friend,
    MaryAnn Kohl
    art author

    • pufferbelliestoys

      Hi, MaryAnn! Thanks so much for checking out our videos! We’re huge fans of yours, and we use your books all the time when we’re planning activities at the store. We highly recommend them to our customers, too. I think one of my favorites from Art with Anything is Bubble Wrap Prints — that was a memorable Crafternoon and not even as messy as some of us thought it might be! 🙂 Thanks again! -Erin Blanton

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