Downtown Staunton News Roundup! Volume 1

So, it seems like people (especially my Dad) are always asking me, “what’s new in downtown Staunton?” I thought it would be cool to do a little weekly news roundup on the topic. I’ll include the things I know about firsthand. As time goes on, maybe people will send me more tidbits that I can list, too.

George Bowers Grocery has moved into their new, bigger space at 219 W. Beverley Street (the former home of Darjeeling). They have an on/off beer license, which means that you can sit on their patio and enjoy a drink and a sandwich! Mom and I had lunch there last week, and the sandwiches were delicious. We had to go back to work so we didn’t have a beer, but I was happy to find big ol’ bottles of lime Perrier.

Speaking of patios, Coffee on the Corner has one, too! Their brand-new beer garden is open for business, and our friends Amy and Chris tell us that it’s awesome. I’m predicting that they will do a killer business, especially considering their proximity to the Blackfriars’ Playhouse. They’ll be sucking tourists in like a Dyson.

There’s a new consignment shop on Beverley Street — Queen City Consignment. Mom has already bought a table there. That’s right. She doesn’t mess around.

The SDDA is holding a “Save the Bridge” film contest. They’re also getting ready to do a storefront art show with the theme “Bridges.” It’s all to bring attention to the efforts to restore the Sears Hill Bridge that was removed last year.

Rachel’s Quilt Patch has renovated and changed up their floor plan. It’s super cozy. Did you know they sell yarn, now, too??!

Lexington’s incredible chocolate shop, Cocoa Mill, is opening a new location IN STAUNTON! Kathleen Stinehart, chair of the SDDA’s Economic Development committee, reports that it will be on Beverley Street, next to Sacred Circle (former home of Berry’s Natural Way). HOORAY!!!!!

This is old-ish news, but The Split Banana is on their summer hours — 11AM to 11PM, 7 days a week. Also, they’re selling ready-to-take-home gelato cakes in the front freezer. I can tell you from experience that these gelato cakes are to die for, so you should run out right now and grab one. No joke.

Pufferbellies Toys and Books (hey, that’s us!) is giving away four $50 gift cards in May, to celebrate Children’s Book Week. You get one entry for every book you purchase at Pufferbellies in May, and we’re drawing a winner every Tuesday. Great excuse to buy books! (Like I ever need an excuse.)

The Short Box celebrated Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday, and apparently it was a huge success. The Short Box is Staunton’s new comic-book shop, tucked in next to Barrister Books on Lawyer’s Row. And they are awesome. Go there now!

Finally, Staunton Jams is coming up May 21. This is downtown’s twice-yearly block party, held outside Baja Bean Co. The lineup includes Steal This Band, Hound Dog Hill Boys, Bryan Elijah Smith, and lots more. The Findells will close the show as usual. Don’t miss it! It starts at noonish.

See y’all next week!

Erin B


One response to “Downtown Staunton News Roundup! Volume 1

  1. Thanks for mentioning George Bowers, Team Pufferbellies!

    We are really enjoying the new space. Lots of light, beautiful view, and the patio is great. We look forward to seeing you again soon! šŸ™‚

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