Crafternoon – Leaf Rubbings

Today we’re doing a classic art activity at Crafternoon — leaf rubbings. Perfect for fall, leaf rubbings are simple to execute but beautiful and so, so satisfying.

First, gather your materials. You’ll need leaves in several different shapes, paper and crayons.

Our leaf-rubbing materials.

We used regular crayons and these beautiful metallic ones. Crayola comes through again!

Metallic crayons from Crayola.

We used an assortment of paper — regular copy paper, heavier Strathmore drawing paper, construction paper and cardstock in bright colors.

Now, simply lay your leaves on the table, put the paper on top and rub away. It usually works best if you break your crayons in half and hold them parallel to the table. Try using one leaf over and over again, lifting the paper up and moving the leaf each time — or leave the leaf in the same spot and use several different colors for a single rubbing. Or, lay out your whole design with multiple leaves first and lay  your paper down over top. Encourage your child to experiment!

Susan F making leaf rubbings.

Metallic crayon on cardstock.


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