Lifefactory glass bottles

I’m pretty stoked about this line. We just brought in beautiful glass baby bottles, sippy bottles and beverage bottles for big kids and grownups from Lifefactory. They’re made in France and the US, and I really, really like them. I’ve been using the 16oz version since August – it’s just a great bottle. Easy to clean, doesn’t make the water taste funky, easy to carry because of the loop-top cap — and since it has a wide mouth, it’s easy to put in ice cubes or lemon slices, both of which I like. It has a snug-fitting silicon sleeve to help prevent breakage, and the whole shebang is dishwasher safe (you don’t have to take the sleeve off — just chuck it all in there). At any rate, I love mine so much that I brought in basically the whole line for the store. And, since there’s nowhere else around carrying them, we are kind of like the exclusive source in this part of the Valley! Woo! Here’s a picture of our display.


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