Downtown Staunton news roundup, Octoberish edition – Halloween in downtown Staunton

First, the downtown Staunton Halloween happenings:

Our third annual Costume Parade & Halloween Hullabaloo is happening THIS FRIDAY, October 28, at 6:30PM. We’ll meet in the Wharf parking lot, parade around downtown Staunton with the help of some traffic cops, then come back to the Wharf for a slightly-spooky story and a tasty treat. Bring: a noisemaker to use during the parade (drum, bells, etc) and a blanket to sit on during the story. Please RSVP on our Facebook page!

The traditional downtown trick-or-treat event is scheduled for Saturday, October 29 starting at 10AM. Wear your costume and go from store to store to collect treats. Please contact the SDDA office if you need more information.

Now, on to other news:

There’s a new rug store downtown – H.E.S. Rugs at 18 E. Beverley. This storefront has housed a number of shops over the last 5 years; here’s hoping the rug store has a long and profitable future there.

Lingo Networks on Central Avenue held their grand opening this month. Lingo is a full scale electronics retailer as well as a service provider for internet, telephone, and VOIP. A cool addition to downtown.

The old Bookstack building at 1 E. Beverley is getting a big facelift. New owners Chip and Jennifer Clarke are undertaking a pretty extensive restoration of the exterior of the building, and getting it ready for ground-floor retail space that we hear will be occupied by November. Exciting! This building is at the most prominent intersection in town (Augusta and Beverley) and it has been neglected for a good long while now. We can’t wait to see the results of all the Clarkes’ hard work.

The Staunton Downtown Development Association has a new board president: Greg Beam. Greg is pretty darn cool, and we’re thinking he’s going to do an amazing job as president. As a reminder (from me, a board member), the SDDA is always looking for volunteers. Whether you can sit on a committee, help with an event, or just provide your input as a customer or stakeholder, we would LOVE to hear from you. Call the SDDA office at 540-332-3867 if you’d like to learn more.

The Beverley Hotel at New St. and Johnson St. was condemned by the City late last month, and all the residents were forced to leave. Also forced to leave: Taste of India, a ground-floor tenant. Taste of India is currently looking for a new home in Staunton, with the help of the SDDA’s economic development committee. According to committee chair, Kathleen Stinehart, they are searching for a space that’s already equipped with a kitchen. If you know of the perfect spot, call Karen at the SDDA and let her know! 540-332-3867


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