American-made toys at Pufferbellies — Eye Can Art kits

This post is part of our series on American-made toys available at Pufferbellies. For more, see our posts on the Yomega Brain yoyoCrayon RocksNana Banana coloring books and the Zipfy mini luge.

If you’re searching for high-quality art kits that emphasize process as much as product, Eye Can Art kits are really where it’s at. We currently have two fine-art majors on staff here at Pufferbellies, and both of them love these kits. The kits teach children (and adults!) real art techniques via easy-to-follow instructions that leave a lot of room for creative expression.

At Pufferbellies, we carry the Book in a Box, Collage Printmaking, Pastel Stencil, Sumi E-Ink and Layered Wax Drawing kits.

Tip: We love to recommend these kits for grandparents who have little ones coming for a visit — kids and grownups can learn and work together, and everyone ends up with beautiful artwork to commemorate the occasion.

Eye Can Art kits at Pufferbellies, with a sample from the Layered Wax Drawing kit


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