Crafternoon: Watercolor Spray Paints

Today at Crafternoon, we made watercolor spray paint art. We were inspired by this post at Artful Adventures.

We started with watercolors in tubes (found at our local art-supply store), which we diluted with water in little spray bottles (found in the travel cosmetics section of a local superstore). Then, we used a variety of objects to mask areas of our heavy watercolor paper — string, crocheted lace doilies, metal washers, coins, plastic stencils, s-hooks, foam letters and shapes, etc. We sprayed and spritzed. When we got pools of paint, we picked up the paper to let the colors run, or blotted the pools with paper towels. Then we sprayed and spritzed some more.

The spray bottles were challenging for some of our younger artists (kindergarten age) to manipulate. Next time, we might try putting the paper on an easel so that the children can hold the bottles upright rather than pointing them down at the table. We’ll have to change the way we use our masks and stencils, but that’s OK.

Here’s a look at some of our masterpieces!

Watercolor diluted with water in travel-size spray bottles.

Supplies: stencils, coins, s-hooks, washers, wrapping paper, foam letters, etc.

We hung our artwork on the line outside to dry. Yay, 70-degree days in March!


4 responses to “Crafternoon: Watercolor Spray Paints

  1. Mila had so much fun at Crafternoon, what a very cool idea! Thank you for the fun afternoon!!

    • pufferbelliestoys

      Thanks, Molly! We loved working with Mila on her paintings. I can tell that you all do plenty of art at home; she is a pro! -Erin

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  3. I LOVE these! I can see that the artists were inspired by the materials and the spray paint. Looks like a future project for my kids.

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