Crafternoon: Salad Spinner Fireworks

Crafternoon at Pufferbellies: Salad Spinner Fireworks

Things started off calm, but the excitement ratcheted up quickly!

This week at Crafternoon we made beautiful Salad Spinner “Fireworks.” We were inspired by this post at momtastic. Of course, we had to put our own special twist on it by using our favorite liquid watercolors: Watercolor Magic from Sargent Art. We used glitter, metallic and regular colors, but the glittery ones were by far the favorite.

Here’s what you need:

  • A salad spinner
  • Some paint in a squeeze bottle
  • Paper cut to fit into the bottom of your salad spinner. We used pages from a Strathmore paint pad cut into quarters.
  • Kid power!

Here’s what we learned:

  • The pull-string type of salad spinner was easier for younger children to use than the kind you whirl the handle around and around. Both kinds were fine for big kids. The kind with a knob you push down on would probably be the easiest of all, but we didn’t have that kind.
  • The more paint you put on, the more AMAZING your “fireworks” will be. So don’t hold back!
  • If your salad spinner is the type with drainage holes in the outer bowl, set it on a cookie sheet or something to contain the mess.
  • A small bit of a Scotch brand foam mounting square will keep your paper from flying around inside the salad spinner. Scotch tape didn’t work as well.
Note for toy stores and groups: We did this project with 25 kids over the course of two hours. It took three grownups — one to handle each salad spinner and a third to run the wet artwork outside to dry on the line, and to sign kids up on a clipboard. The children needed a grownup to hold the spinner still while they spun it. This was a surprisingly un-messy activity! The salad spinners kept everything well contained; I only had a few drops of paint to scrub up off the floor at the end of the day. 
liquid watercolor in glitter, metallic and regular

We used our favorite - Watercolor Magic!

squeeze the paint onto your paper

Squeeeeze the paint onto your paper. More is better!

salad spinner art before


salad spinner art after


Salad spinner art

The string-style spinner was easier for little ones to manage.

artwork outside Pufferbellies

Some of our salad spinner artwork drying outside on the line.

Salad spinner fireworks

A few of our salad-spinner fireworks up close.


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