Tuesday Crafternoon: River Rock Melties

Melted crayon on hot river rocks

River Rock Melties

Crafternoon: River Rock Melts

Today at Crafternoon we made River Rock Melties. We were inspired by this post at 5 Orange Potatoes.

This is a super-simple project, and we did it with about 18 children ranging in age from 3 to 1o+ over the course of two hours. They all loved it!

Here’s what you need:

  • Smooth rocks, fist-sized or larger. You might find these in your yard, or at a river, or even at a local independent garden center (that’s where I got ours, since we needed a bunch).
  • Crayons with paper removed. Tip: Crayola glitter crayons are awesome for this project!
  • An oven

Heat up your rocks until they’re nice and hot but not blistering (scary!). We heated them at 250 degrees for around 15 minutes, and they were perfect. Place them on a heat-proof surface (we spread paper towels underneath the rocks to keep the wax off our table) and draw with your crayons. Draw slooowly. Get it all melty. The slower you go, the meltier it will get. Aaaaah. Relaxing.

Crayon melted on hot rock


Crayon melted on a hot rock

If you hold your crayon still, it will melt and drip down the sides of the rock!

melting crayons on hot rocks

Melted crayon artwork

Miss Candace showed us how it's really done!

River rock melties behind the counter

Some of our River Rock Melties cooling behind the counter


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