Chewbeads are back!

Over the last few weeks, we’d gotten dangerously low on Chewbeads — and that’s not a good place to be when you’re talking about one of the more popular new lines we’ve brought into the store in the last year or so. But never fear; Chewbeads are back in force!

Since we first started stocking them at Pufferbellies last fall, Chewbeads have become one of our most popular baby-shower gifts. Moms love to wear them and babies really love to chew them. They’re dishwasher safe and completely nontoxic, since they’re made from 100% silicon — the same material used for many pacifiers and bottle nipples.  Plus they come in gorgeous colors!

To top it all off, Chewbeads necklaces were recently redesigned with knotted cords to make them less likely to snag in the wearer’s hair. Hooray!

Chewbeads at Pufferbellies

Chewbeads at Pufferbellies


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