Tuesday Crafternoon: Watercolor Flower Gardens

Watercolor Flower Garden

This week at Crafternoon, we made flower gardens using watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils. Even the littlest ones enjoyed putting color on paper and watching it move when they brushed on some water … and, of course, blowing with a straw.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Watercolor paper or “paint” paper (we like Strathmore’s kids’ paint pad — it’s less expensive than watercolor paper but nearly as sturdy)
  • Watercolor crayons
  • Watercolor pencils (optional)
  • Water in a little cup
  • Brushes (a larger one for watering your grass, a finer one for adding details to the flowers)

Step one: Prepare your paper. We used Strathmore watercolor paper cut in half.

Step two: Plant your grass. Scribble hard all along the bottom inch of your paper with whatever colors of watercolor crayon that you’d like your grass to be. Use a lot of color! Most children chose green, but we had plenty of blue grass, yellow grass, brown grass and red grass, too.

Our favorite watercolor crayons, from Staedtler

Our favorite watercolor crayons, from Staedtler

Planting the grass

Plant the grass

Step three: Water your grass. Use a brush to apply big pools of water all over the areas you’ve colored in.

Watering the grass

Water the grass

Step four: Make your grass grow. With a straw held close to the surface of the paper, blow hard to move the water up the paper and create your grass and flower stems.

Make the grass grow!

Make the grass grow!

Step five: Add your flowers, and whatever else you’d like (birds, butterflies, sky, sun, etc). We used watercolor crayons and pencils for this as well, and encouraged the children to try different techniques. You can color on the dry areas of the paper then add water with a brush, dip your pencil or crayon in water first and then draw, or paint an area with clear water and then color on top of it. It’s all fun.

Add flowers to your garden

Add flowers to your garden

A finished flower garden

A finished flower garden


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