American-made toys at Pufferbellies: A Wish Come True dress-ups

We were at a toy show in Baltimore a few weeks ago, and it was the end of the last day. We were tired and sort of dazed, and we wandered into the A Wish Come True booth … it was like wandering into fairyland. All our resistance fell away, and we had to get one of everything. Well, almost everything

Now that they’re here in the store, we are even MORE  head-over-heels for these gorgeous dress-ups. AND, they’re made right here in the USA — Bristol, Pennsylvania, to be exact. They have enough poof, sparkle and shine to satisfy pretty much any little princess-wannabe. Plus, they’re beautifully made. Amazing materials, flawless construction, the works. We just know you’re going to love them.

A Wish Come True dress-ups

A rack full of puffy, sparkly goodness from A Wish Come True at Pufferbellies


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