Crafter After Hours — Gelli Arts printing

Last night we held our second Crafter After Hours — an art event for grownups (with no kids allowed). Seems sort of weird for a toy store … but maybe not really. Crafter After Hours was born out of our mega-popular Crafternoon events for kids. We find that sometimes (a lot of times?) the parents are as interested in the projects as the kids are. And since we have our brand-new Upstairs Art Room to enjoy … we decided to go for it.

This time around, we created gelatin monoprints. My plan was to make gelatin plates for all 15 participants. Not too hard, I thought. I had been making a couple at a time for myself, and figured it wouldn’t be too tough to scale it. But I was sort of wrong. Since I wanted to have backup plates in case someone’s tore or got nicked, I figured I would have to make about 22 8″x10″ plates in all. And that’s a lot. After some serious stressing, I ended up ordering these cool Gelli Arts plates — they work like traditional gelatin plates, but they’re super easy to clean, not as fragile as gelatin, and store at room temp. Plus I didn’t have to spend hours making them and panicking that I would somehow mess them up. Win! The event was a big hit. Everyone left with some beautiful pieces.

Cards, gift tags and collage paper made with the Gelli Arts plate


One response to “Crafter After Hours — Gelli Arts printing

  1. Sounds like an awesome event! Wish I lived locally.

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