A Pufferbellies Christmas

Today was the most wonderful day. A group of our customers and friends filled up the store and surprised us with a flash mob of caroling, handmade cards and drawings, coffee and doughnuts and the reading of an a-maaaaazing poem.

Mom and I are just so overwhelmed by the kindness that we hardly know what to say. To be honest, sometimes owning a little store can be hard. But today it was just magical. Thank you. You all are the best.

And … here’s the poem!

A Pufferbellies Christmas
By Emily Cox and Steven Cox

‘Twas the season of Christmas, when all through the store
Not a child was heard wailing or begging for more.
They’d stocked all the shelves and filled all the displays,
Getting everyone ready for St. Nick’s big day.

The Blantons were nestled all snug in their office
With stuffed animals: cats, dogs, owls and giraffes (ger-office)
Erin knitting a sweater and Susan a hat
They had just said goodbye to the last little chap.

When out on the floor there arose such a clatter
They tripped over each other to see what was the matter.
Away to the counter they flew like a flash
Tore open the register and checked all the cash.

The moon lit the village in the storefront windows
And gave their surroundings a most magical glow.
When a scent wafted in on a cool evening breeze
Of freshly made waffles and a quiet ‘Help, please.’

It was then that they noticed their brother/son Nick,
Who was trapped beneath thousands of small Lego bricks.
More rapid than hex bugs the P-Team they came,
And they whistled and hooted and called out their names.

Here’s Erin S., Susan F., Aleks and Brittany,
Emily and Molly and this is our litany:
“We’ll help you with Christmas, with gifts large and small
And wrap away! Wrap away! Wrap away all!”

With scissors and scotch tape their hands they did fly
And got out poor Nick in the wink of an eye.
Then back to their stations the P-Team they flew
And cleaned up the mess, and Nicholas too.

And then in the quiet they heard from upstairs
A jolly old chuckle and asked ‘Who goes there?’
As they gathered together to listen for sound
Down the stairs St. Nicholas came with a bound.

He was dressed to the nines in a fancy new suit
And announced ‘Hello ladies, I’m in need of some loot!’
He took out his list, it was long as could be
Said he needed new toys for under the trees.

The P-Team responded without hesitation
With armloads of toys sure to bring fascination.
Fart bombs and Play Mobil, tattoos with glitter
Crocodile rockers and Calico Critters.

Science kits, art supplies, cool pogo sticks
Scooters and balance bikes, fun magic tricks.
Loopdeedos, microscopes, mobiles with hooks,
Sophies and Foil Its and stacks of great books!

His pack was so stuffed with wonderful gifts
He feared that his reindeer no longer could lift
His sleigh full of marvelous toys, books and candy
So he turned to the staff and inquired ‘Where’s Sandy?’

I need her tonight to help pull the sleigh
In order to finish before light of day.
So they popped in a quarter and off Sandy flew
With a sleigh full of toys and St. Nicholas, too.

Exhausted but happy and full of good cheer
They closed up the shop and another great year.
But I heard them exclaim ‘ere they turned out the lights
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


2 responses to “A Pufferbellies Christmas

  1. Phil Wrzesinski

    OMG! That is so wonderful!!

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