Bridge Day 2013 in Downtown Staunton

Do you know the story of the Sears Hill Bridge?

For decades, this pedestrian bridge connected the Sears Hill neighborhood to downtown Staunton. On one side is Woodrow Park (also known as Wilson Park) and on the other side, down the stairs, is the historic train station.

In 2010, the bridge was deemed unsafe, and had to be removed.

The city rallied. Neighbors, friends and local businesses raised over $100,000. The bridge was repaired and reinstalled and now, it’s ready to reconnect the residents of Sears Hill to their downtown. It’s a great story, and one that underscores Staunton’s dedication to preservation.
But more than that, it symbolizes something bigger about Staunton. All across the country, communities are trying to recreate what Staunton already has — an authentic downtown with stores, restaurants,  City Hall and a post office, surrounded by neighborhoods within easy walking distance.

Aren’t we lucky to live in such a wonderful place?

And this Saturday, April 13, all of Staunton is joining together to celebrate the first annual Bridge Day. There’ll be a dedication ceremony, live music, and entertainment all around downtown. We can’t wait, and we hope to see you there.


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