Slime Time how-to for toy stores

This post is designed to give detailed help for store owners who want to do a Slime Time event in their stores. If you want to make slime at home using our recipe, please see this post.

These instructions will help you get ready for approximately 40 children, divided into groups of 8.

Creating and playing with slime takes about 20 minutes, plus a couple of minutes in between each group to set up for the next one, so plan on about two hours total for all 40 children to participate.


  • Cornstarch
  • Borax
  • Pitcher with a lid or two clean, quart-sized Mason jars
  • 40 Gallon-size zip-lock style bags
  • 40 Dinner-size paper plates (the shiny kind work better than the matte kind)
  • One gallon Elmer’s white glue
  • Small paper “dixie” cups
  • Watercolor Magic or other liquid watercolor in three colors
  • 6 paint cups
  • 6 pipettes
  • Extra-fine glitter (optional. It doesn’t show up *that* well in the finished slime, but it’s fun anyway)
  • Tables to accommodate 8 children plus an adult helper or two (we used two 6-foot folding tables pushed together to make one large square table, plus a third table to hold our extra materials)
  • A couple step stools in case you have very small children
  • Small rubber stamps
  • Several pairs of child-safe scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Sharpie marker
  • A hand-washing station (a restroom if there is one close by your craft area, or hand wipes, or a tub of water and a towel.)
  • Your camera

Ahead of time:
Make your liquid starch/Borax mixture. You’ll need a stove.
Bring 7-1/2 cups of water to a rolling boil. In a small cup or mug, mix 1/2 cup cold water with two tablespoons of cornstarch and two tablespoons of Borax. Whisk until thoroughly combined, then slowly add this mixture to the boiling water. Let the mixture cool, and store in your covered pitcher or Mason jars until the day of the event.

The day of the event:
Set  up your tables. Put some liquid watercolor and a pipette in each paint cup (two cups of each color), and place them along with your stamps, child-safe scissors and optional glitter around the tables within easy reach of everyone.

Set up your hand-washing station if needed.

Create eight “stations” on your tables — each should have a paper plate and zip lock baggie along with two dixie cups. In the first Dixie cup pour about 1/3 cup glue. In the other, pour about half as much (1/6 cup) liquid starch/Borax mixture.

slime time setup

Getting set up for Slime Time in our upstairs art room

On the “materials” table, leave your glue, extra liquid watercolor, cornstarch mixture, extra baggies and plates, and paper towels

When the children arrive, help them find a station and tell them they’ll be doing a science project — making slime! Write their names on their baggies with your Sharpie. If you have some slime made up ahead of time (a good idea), show it to them and let them touch it briefly. Ask them to open their bags, and then ask them to look at their two little cups and see if they can tell by looking with their eyes which cup has the glue in it. Then, have them pour their glue into the baggie. Explain that there will still be some glue left in the cup, and that’s OK. Have them pour in the cornstarch mixture next. Explain what’s in the mixture, and tell them it’s the “secret ingredient” that will turn their glue into slime.

Let each child squirt some liquid watercolor into their baggies, and sprinkle in some glitter. The first question will be, “can I mix colors?” I usually say something like, “sure; that sounds like fun. I found out that if I mix them all, I might get gray.” If the children haven’t used pipettes before, they will need a little help to figure out how to use them. Then help the children seal up their baggies, and show them how to squish and knead the contents until slime begins to form. Try to get most of the liquid incorporated.

Once it’s all slimy, ask them to open their bags and dump their slime out onto their plates. Encourage them to touch it, and explain that the more they play with the slime, the smoother and nicer it will get. If you like, invite them to sprinkle on more glitter and drop on more watercolor (this doesn’t hurt the slime and the kids really like it, but it can be messy). Show them the scissors and stamps, and invite them to try cutting and making impressions onto their slime.

Take a minute to take some pictures!

While the children play with their slime, walk around the table and use a paper towel to clean off any slime from the outside and interior zipper area of their baggies. When they’re done playing ask them to put their slime into the bags to take home, and help them seal the bags up. Then show them where to wash their hands and they’re done!

You’ll need just a couple of minutes between each group to set up for the next one. Re-set the stations with clean plates (some will be able to be reused, some will be too slimed up), bags, and refilled Dixie cups. Straighten and re-distribute the stamps, scissors and Watercolor Magic. Call in your next group and have fun!


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