Buying for Easter – Jane Foster bunnies

I was so excited to find out recently that I can buy soft toys from Jane Foster Designs wholesale for the store. I really admire Jane’s work, and my dream world is full of fresh white and lots of bright colors — a lot like her studio.

I just put in an order for a bunch of these Scandinavian flower bunnies that will be here in plenty of time for Easter. That means that our local customers won’t have to pay for postage from the UK! Happy dance! Look for the bunnies on our website and in our store in mid-February.

jane foster flower bunnies

Jane Foster flower bunnies (photo from Jane Foster Designs)

I’ve also been working on lots of other Easter orders the last few days. Easter is a pretty big toy-buying holiday — which actually took Mom and me kind of by surprise when we first opened Pufferbellies. (When I was little, we didn’t get toys in our Easter baskets; we got candy and usually a little flat of flowers that we could plant in the garden.) Bunnies, lambies, chicks, and lots of other basket stuffers are coming our way, and I can’t wait!


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