New year, new … all the things OMG!?

I start off every new year thinking about the things I want to change here in the store. Better staffing, better merchandising, cleaner desk, less paperwork piling up in stacks above my head. Smarter buying, better cash flow, cleaner floors, better programs and events. To be honest, it’s completely overwhelming. Big tasks seem like too much to tackle all at once, and if I try to do things bit by bit, I get interrupted (or, really, lose focus) and they don’t get finished. I bought a planner. Maybe it will help? And I’m trying to think of small tasks that I can do in a sitting. Maybe they’ll add up over time, or boost my confidence so that I can work on the “big stuff” (brand-new computers and a new point of sale system that I bought last fall and was too chicken to install before Christmas. Just for an example).

So today I took three new pictures for the front page of our website. And now I’m taking a coffee break. Seems about right.

2015 january slides science and nature

january 2015 slide just for fun

january 2015 stuffed animals slide 2


One response to “New year, new … all the things OMG!?

  1. Your Site looks GREAT!!!!
    looks like you have a lot of great ideas for 2015. I always look to you for inspiration!
    Jody at G.Willikers! Toy Shop

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